The opening ceremony of Mersen Zhejiang Co., Ltd. was held at November 5th afternoon

The opening ceremony of Mersen Zhejiang Co., Ltd. was held at November 5th afternoon. The Deputy Secretary and County Chief of Changxing County Yiting Shi delivered a speech.
In her speech, Yiting Shi said that Changxing's development always likes a dancing lion, with full of passion and vigor, as we always have the attitude of "generously open" and talk with the world and develop actively. Although affected by the COVID-19 and other factors this year, we have maintained our determination and made biggest efforts to minimize the impact. In the first three quarters, Changxing’s economic indicators ranked forefront in Zhejiang province and Huzhou city. Totally 38 foreign investment projects were introduced, and got US Dollars 270 million as foreign capital. Meanwhile the export amount increased 31%

Yiting Shi said in recent years, with the goal of developing a county which has the best business environment in China, Changxing has made every effort to create an international, legalized and convenient county. It has successively attracted lots of high-quality projects at home and abroad, such as Mersen, Clarios and Geely. Also Changxing cultivated excellent local enterprises with revenue of more than CNY 100 billion , such as Tianneng and Chaowei. Changxing will keep developing a business environment with more convenient investment and trade, more fair competition and more efficient government services in the future. It will serve Merson’s production and operation wholeheartedly, which would be helpful for Mersen to become the world's leading supplier of industrial fuses. Changxing would provide the same high-quality and efficient services if Mersen’s upstream and downstream enterprises settle down in Changxing, which would promote the industrial chain’s development and become an industrial cluster as soon as possible.

Mersen Zhejiang Co., Ltd. is invested by a French listed company, which has injection molding machine, CNC machining center, production line, punch, lathe, universal radial milling machine and other production and auxiliary equipment. After completion of this project, 37.6 million pieces of electrical components could be produced each year, and the estimated annual output value is around CNY 160 million which would win CNY 11.2 million as profit and CNY 10.14 million as revenue.


Post time: Nov-18-2020